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Promotional and Product Wraps

Promotional wraps can help your product or promotional item get the kind of attention your event or business needs.

A printed wrap applied to an item can completely transform its appearance. A touch of colour can make a once dull item come to life.

We’ve wrapped all sorts of unusually shaped items. From motor bike helmets to washing machines. Our knowledgable team will be able to advise on the best course of action for your idea. Likewise, our experienced fitters will be able to complete the project with confidence.

3D prints

3D printed objects are perfect candidates for vinyl wraps. These objects are often rough around the edges. However, a vinyl wrap will transform its appearance.

Photo shoots

We can also supply matt materials to reduce reflection and glare. These are particularly useful for photo shoots.

Additionally, we can supply reflective material that will allow a surface to stand out when light hits them at night.


We can wrap any non porous object. A wrap can change the colour and appearance of windows, doors and frames, kitchen cupboard doors and appliances, tables and desks, wardrobes, garage doors and car interiors.

Promotional wraps can achieve great things. Get in touch to discuss your ideas and we will do our best to offer a complimentary solution.

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