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Bright and vibrant office branding for Triton

Triton needed their new office branding to be bright and vibrant. They realised that bare white walls were a far cry from a pleasant working environment. It was great of them to think of their employees well being in this way. Their budget was limited and so we thought it was a good idea to use their colourful logo to fulfil their requests.

This multi-disciplinary, commercial claims organisation work with UK based and global insurers to manage their claims.

Large scale office branding logo’s

Firstly, enlarged digitally printed sections of the Triton logo were added to various walls around the office. The orange and red curves of the logo gave some needed warmth to the white walls. Likewise, the green and blue elements helped to liven up the office. As a result, the space gave a much more welcoming and happy feeling.

Secondly, the six window panes of the meeting rooms received an enlarged logo. This was created with digitally printed and cut etch vinyl.

Additionally, routed material with a printed vinyl overlay was used for the logo lettering. These were placed on the wall of the lobby area.

Similarly, click this link to see some more of our colourful office branding and decor designs.

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office branding Triton meeting rooms Sign writing Bristol
Office branding Triton signage plaque Bristol
office branding for Triton Signwriting Bristol
office branding for Triton Signwriting Bristol
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