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Lycra UK office decor

Take a look at the colourful decor we created for the Lycra UK offices.

With bespoke wallpaper designs added to the common area’s, corridors and main reception entrance. Utilising their press images, we came up with on-brand office decor designs to show off their product range. In addition to that, we created a novel entrance for the employees and visitors. Our designs flowed from glass to wall with seamless joins.

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About Lycra

Since its invention nearly sixty years ago, Lycra set the standard as the world’s best-known elastane brand. Lightweight and nearly invisible, Lycra became the active ingredient in our clothes. The fibre revolutionised the way we wore our clothing.

Whenever it’s used in fabrics, Lycra fibre transforms garments into better fitting, durable clothes that move with our bodies, delivering fit, shape and comfort that lasts. Day after day. Wash after wash. Run after run. Swim after swim.

The Lycra brand has nearly 60 years’ experience innovating unique fibres. In that time, Lycra fibre has become renowned for its quality and durability. It has become the most recognised brand of elastic fibre in the world today. Mills, designers, brands and people worldwide choose it for its exceptional elasticity. It offers lasting shape retention, and the comfortable fit it delivers to all types of apparel.


Lycra fibre is the trademarked brand name of a class of synthetic elastic fibres. Its known as spandex in the U.S., and elastane in the rest of the world. Spandex and elastane are interchangeable terms that mean the same thing. Only Invista produces authentic Lycra brand fibres.

When it comes to spandex and elastane, Lycra fibre is groundbreaking. Its the fibre that revolutionised the apparel industry. Not every garment that stretches contains Lycra fibre. So when you shop for apparel, be sure to look for the Lycra brand name on the label or hangtag. Only then you’ll know you’re buying a garment made with the dependable brand name you know and trust.

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