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Work place branding and new office decor revamps the Applicable Bristol office

Outstanding levels of employee engagement

Applicable understand how their workplace branding can make a difference to their offices. They’re employee’s and their working environment is a priority of the company. As a result, the company was awarded the ‘Best Companies 2 Star Accreditation‘ in 2016. Awarded for achieving ‘outstanding levels of employee engagement‘. The sought after accreditation acknowledges workplace engagement as a vital component in the success and growth of an organisation. Find out more here. Its clear that the effort Applicable has made to their workplace branding and office decor is a testimony to this.

Colourful illustrations

Their existing office received digitally printed wallpaper. The artwork featured some fantastic illustrations of Bristols favourite sights. As well as the walls, meeting room windows received the illustrations on contra-vision material. The reception area and stairway also received a splash of colour. The stairway received cut out images of hot air balloons fitted on stand off locators. As a result, the office became bright and vibrant place to work thanks to its colourful facelift. In conclusion, the installation was such a success thanks to great communication from the Applicable team. Our experienced fitter’s experience allowed them to avoid delays. Above all, the final result looked fantastic.

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Applicable stairway clock with branded wallpaper Workplace branding
Workplace branding Applicable stairway wallpaper
Applicable workplace branding stairway wallpaper
Hotwells colourful houses and Bristol zoo wallpaper Applicable Workplace branding
Brooklyn bridge wallpaper in Applicable Workplace branding
Meeting room window graphic with Clifton Suspension Bridge Workplace branding
Workplace branding Applicable PHONE BOX wallpaper
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