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Cyclescheme brighten up Queen Anne House, Bath

Cyclescheme provide a tax free bicycle purchase scheme for employed personnel via their employers. Their Bath office was in need of refurbishment.

They called on interior designer Clair Strong to help with the project. We have had a great relationship with Clair for many years. As a result, she always brings us interesting projects which we love working on.

Clair had some ideas of how she would like the project to look. We advised how to develop these ideas plus suggested some of our own. The project soon developed into a strong collaboration.

Acoustic panels

The large main room had a problem with echoing. We suggested fitting printed acoustic panels to the walls to absorb the noisy frequencies. This idea both worked well and looked great.

Various areas around the office space received cycling themed artwork. Featuring an anamorphic image of a bicycle in the stairway, creating an interesting visual effect when walking up the stairs.

Colour coordination

Applied throughout the office silhouetted images of people decorated walls. The carpets, painted surfaces and the images now have bright and vibrant colour coordination. Artwork of typical living room objects give a more homely look to the bare walls. Patterned wallpaper, picture frames, clocks and book shelves bring life to the walls. You can find more information on the refurbishment in January’s copy of The Bath Mag. Credit to Nick Smith Photography.

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Office interiors, Clair Strong, Cycle scheme Bath
cyclescheme office wall graphics
cycle scheme office wall graphic
Office interiors, Clair Strong, Cycle scheme Bath
Office interiors, Clair Strong, Cycle scheme Bath
Office interiors, Clair Strong, Cycle scheme Bath
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