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Anamorphic imaging for Immediate Media

Immediate Media are one of the biggest consumer media businesses and magazine publishers in the UK. They wanted something different for their office interior and were curious about anamorphic imaging.

They knew what they wanted but were unsure about whether it would work. As a long standing client of ours they called us in to see what we could do. Their anamorphic image idea would be tricky but we were up for turning it into reality. 

Challenge accepted

The narrow corridor leading to their kitchen area posed a challenge for the application of this kind of image. Certainly, it was going to be a challenge but unperturbed we devised a plan.

The applied image resulted in a mind bending journey into their kitchen area for a cup of coffee. At the start of the corridor the lettering appeared as it should. As you walked towards the kitchen the illusion was broken, revealing the truth about the image on the walls.

In conclusion, we were really pleased with the end result and Immediate Media were pretty delighted too.

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Anamorphic image Bristol Sign writing
Anamorphic image Bristol Sign writing
Anamorphic image Bristol Sign writing
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